The History of Cartoons

The history of cartoons began as early as the 20th century. Cartoons initially began as comic strips in newspapers expressing humor to different issues throughout life. Moreover, cartoons initially began in theaters in the mid 1910s, and they began expressing their stories through action rather than speaking in the early years of cartoon filmography. The first talking cartoon was created by Warner Bros. in 1929 and it was entitled Bosko, the Talk-Ink Kid, but it was never released to the public in theaters until Cartoon Network aired an edited version of the cartoon in a Toonheads TV special “The Lost Cartoons” in 2000. Over the years since cartoons have been on the air, they have also brought some controversy to the world concerning race, the issues of war, cannibalism, alcoholism, etc. In the end, cartoons continue to express excellent humor while teaches us important lessons on the issues that are going on throughout the world without igniting too much controversy.