My Jeopardy! Effect Story Regarding Pat Quinn


I’ve been a regular fan of Jeopardy! for the last eight years. As a child, I was more into old school Jeopardy!, particularly from the 80s & 90s; from the colors & designs of the sets, to the many versions of the theme & think musics, sounds, memorable contestants, to Alex Trebek & Johnny Gilbert. Over the years, Jeopardy! has referenced many public figures who have made such a positive impact on the world. Additionally, Jeopardy! has changed the way we learn & understand the world today for the last 15 years through academics, cultures, and lifestyles. Furthermore, Jeopardy! has not only changed the lives of so many contestants over the years, but has shown how so many people have been making a difference throughout the world by getting recognition through the clues.

This season, Jeopardy! launched a unique page on their website where Jeopardy! fans and former Jeopardy! contestants alike can share stories of how Jeopardy! has significantly impacted their lives, it is called the “Jeopardy! Effect.” With that being said, I personally felt the J! Effect on February 24, 2015, when a man named Pat Quinn got recognized on one of the clues. For many who don’t know who Pat Quinn is, he is an ALS sufferer and was diagnosed with the detrimental disease in 2013. I met Pat Quinn at an “Ice Bucket Challenge” event at my alma mater, Iona College, after the “Ice Bucket Challenge” became an internet sensation during the summer of 2014. The day after that Jeopardy! episode aired with that compelling clue being revealed, everyone on campus was talking about that unbelievable moment. Meeting Pat Quinn was a compelling privilege for me because I was so astonished of how the “Ice Bucket Challenge” has been making a powerful statement & impact on many aspects of media and throughout the world, with hopes to initiate combat against ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, and igniting the fight to the cure. Moreover, I, being an alumnus of Iona College, have had an opportunity to witness how much Pat Quinn has moved the world through his courage, determination, and heart.

In the end, I want to thank Jeopardy! for giving Pat Quinn and “The Bucket Challenge” the recognition & honor that they deserve. Also, for being such an important part of my life, in my passion to learn new interesting, compelling, and entertaining facts. As well as helping to change the lives of so many people for the better, and making such a positive impact throughout society and the world. I personally am looking forward in continuing to watch, learn, and play along against the contestants as long as Jeopardy! continues to remain on the air.

With regards to Pat Quinn, my wish for him is continuing to fight the great fight against ALS. I give him so much credit for being able to stay positive and never giving up, especially when everything was put against him. Pat Quinn is a strong, tenacious, courageous, honorable, kind, and inspirational man. So many people with ALS may not have realized it for a long time, but deep down in their hearts, they were praying for someone to stand up for them & give them a voice of hope, and Pat Quinn gave them that voice following his diagnosis of ALS in 2013. Even though, there is still no treatment or cure for ALS, Pat Quinn has certainly paved the way for doctors & research scientists to become more involved in the fight against ALS, and now, they are pushing the envelope to find the cure. Thanks to Pat Quinn, a cure to terminate the detrimental disease is possible & will be discovered someday in the future, as long as everyone in the world continues to show compassion and contribute to the fight against ALS.


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